Friday, July 18, 2008


... is probably this. Clean your keyboards! When was the last time you did it? I clean mine once in 2 months and the dirt accumulated is quite horrible. Partly because the mac keyboard is white & transparent so seeing the dirt really annoys me. The amount of gunk embedded inside the board: skin cells, grease, hair, eraser bits, dust, eyelashes and dead flies even. Don't forget we sometimes sneeze, cough and eat while typing (I avoid eating around the computer area now after spilling sugared drinks onto the board)!

Don't have time to take apart my keyboard this time so just used alcohol to wipe on top and in between the keys. I go through alcohol bottles rather quickly because the mouse is cleaned every few days and the keys every few weeks. Now it's running smooth and don't feel 'stuck' anymore so I can get back to work!


Tizzalicious said...

Ew, I really need to clean mine more often!

Patrizia said...

Now I feel the need to clean mine ! Mine is a laptop it's probably even dirtier!

Yours looks very clean though :) So your efforts are evident!

Bubbles said...

I agree, I cleaned my laptop last weekend and then my brother got hold of it and was munching on some crisps so as you can imagine all the little bits stuck in between the keys! I haven't used it much this week but have cleaned it now as your post reminded me :).

The Bunny Maker said...

LOL! hoping you saw my post about my keyboard! its disgusting now!
I hate to think what is UNDER the keys!
you are correct - you can buy the keys but i daren't check out how much they are as i'm totally broke!
luckily I can touch type but it drives anyone else using my keyboard nuts!