Tuesday, July 15, 2008


These videos are the shorts I look forward to back in the 1980s and others. They do look 1960-70s made. Some of them introduced me to the world of psychedelia (yes in kindergarden) and cool animations, now you know why I like them so much... inspiration for my next artworks!

Pinball is my absolute favourite. Still remember the song!

I also really like this 1-10.

Ah yes the creators on acid. But it's beautiful, no? 1-20

A pretty alphabet A-Z morphing fairy song

I remembered the creepy music made me stare at the screen (hypnotic lol) 10-1

More psychedelia.
Enjoy. And yes I changed the blog layout (using my ugly handwriting again)


Anonymous said...

There is a missing song here. I have been searching it forever. It is very psychadelic. It has a calediscope like a effect, different patterns, different colors. It seems like the song went for almost 1:30. Insturments used, was nothing but synthesiser- 2 different synth styles. One high pitched, one low pitched. The low pitched synth style is similar to Billy Joels, "I Love You Just the Way You Are". The high pitched sound I cannot identify anything with. All I know, is that I loved this song, and if I heard it, it would bring a variable peace to my soul. Many would probably find it creepy, but to me, this song brings a desireble comfort and peace to me.

Someone tell me if you know-

Anonymous said...

I just bought the Sesame Street Old School DVD for my kids and this D song was on it that I hadn't heard since I was little. It's a little girl singing to her dad about Do dogs Dream? Do ducks have ears? Do dandelions roar? The dad sings back kind of rocking out Dogs do have dreams and the dreams are delicious, ducks do have ears but they don't do the dishes... Total psychedelic lyrics. I haven't found any more info on the web so I just a put a mpeg on my facebook. Brought comfort and peace to me too.